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Resolve Skype Audio Not Working Error: Best Assistance At Your Doorstep

Skype is one of the most popular messaging application. In spite of providing a flawless audio service, people have some issues with it. Users often report for Skype audio not working issue.

If you are facing constant issue with your Skype account, it is necessary to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you go through the solutions below, you will be able to fix your issues easily. But if you want a quick solution you can have a talk with our Microsoft Support. We are always ready to provide 24/7 service for your problems.

Common Reasons For Skype Audio Not Working Windows 10

  • Sound Card issue
  • Internet problem
  • Outdated Skype or Windows

You can consult with the experts to troubleshoot the reasons behind the problem. It is always better to follow the expert guidance for major issues. If you connect with Microsoft Support you can avail easy solutions to fix your problem instantly.


Easy Solution For Skype Audio Not Working Windows 10 Problem

There are multiple solutions to fix Skype audio not working issue. If you follow each of the described solutions you can fix the problem easily.

Check Hardware and Testing Skype

  • Unplug the speaker from the system. If you use wireless speakers then ensure the batteries are charged. Make sure that you have not enabled the mute button because these small mistakes sometimes cause the problem.
  • To do that, click on “Tools” option and then “Audio Settings.” now increase the volume option.
  • Click the “Skype Test Call” from your Skype contact list and then click on the “Call” option. If you are able to listen to the voice then your speaker is ok.

    Troubleshooting Windows Audio

  • Go to the “Control Panel” and click on the “Find and Fix Problems option.
  • Now choose “Troubleshoot Audio Playback” and then click “Next.”
  • Then select the speaker and click “Next.” Wait for few minutes for Windows to detect the problem.

Update or reinstall Skype

You can fix the problem by updating your Skype. It is one of the easiest solutions to fix Skype audio not working issue. You can update it by downloading the latest version of Skype or you can also update it from the Skype application.

Change your microphone settings

You can also solve the problem by changing the Microsoft Settings. Follow the steps to change the settings-

  • At first, right-click the audio icon and select the Recording Devices from the menu.
  • Navigate the Advanced option. There you will get several applications. Make sure you have not enabled exclusive control of this device option.

Apply the above methods and check if the problem is solved.  If you are still facing the Skype audio not working problem then you can definitely connect with Skype Customer Service 

Connect With Microsoft Support For Flawless Solutions

Our technicians will provide easy and reliable solutions to fix your issues. If there is any hardware issue in your system, you will get a doorstep service for your hardware devices. You can also consult your issues with our engineers’ over a call. Connect with our in multiple ways.

Chat Support: Avail live chat support and discuss your problem with the experts. We assure you to provide an instant fix to your problems over there.

Call Support: You can also consult your issues with the experts through a call. Dial Microsoft Support Number +1-855-334-7340anytime and get the best technical assistance from our technicians.

Email Support: We also provide email support as well. Send us your issues through email at we will get back to you with the best answers.


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