Troubleshooting Steps For Send/Receive Error Outlook: Avail Expert Assistance

When Windows users upgrade their computer, they receive send/receive error Outlook. The most frequent cause of this problem is a slow internet connection or insufficient bandwidth. Even if there is no internet connectivity, Outlook cannot send/receive emails if they carry a number of attachments. If you mistakenly enter a wrong password, the Outlook server is unable to authenticate it. Hence, Outlook send/receive error occurs.

Causes Of Send/Receive Error Outlook

  • A time-out error can occur if Outlook is offline when the mail server is down or Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server.
  • If you have used a preconfigured script of the mail server administrator to set up your Outlook account, you cannot send/receive messages.
  • This error is happening because you have not set up a default email account.
  • SRS is a file where Outlook saves send and receive customization. A corrupted SRS file creates Outlook error.
  • If you have installed antivirus on your PC that uses Outlook add-in, can cause this issue.
  • Wrong accounts settings is an underlying reason behind this error. There may be corrupted settings file of the navigation pane.

Oversized Outlook data file or an internal application conflict in the Microsoft Outlook result into this problem. If your inbox contains suspicious emails, they block Outlook from sending and receiving messages, hence Outlook 2016 send receive error occurs.

The SMTP address in the distribution list may be incorrect. Virus scanners integrate themselves with Outlook and create issues in sending/receiving emails. A wrong configuration of your Outlook account is another important cause. Firewall settings tend to block incoming and outgoing email of Microsoft Outlook. After installing add-ins on your computer, you face this issue frequently because they integrate itself with the send and receive process. Your Outlook account can have an issue with the delivery location.

These are all the possible causes which our experts have identified with Outlook accounts.

Measures To Fix Send/Receive Error Outlook

  1. Ensure that there is an adequate internet connection to run your Outlook account.
  2. Delete spam and suspecting emails from your inbox because they may contain a virus or malware.
  3. Disable antivirus email scanning as it is not advantageous to integrate antivirus with Outlook.
  4. Review Firewall settings to remove your email clients from the control of the Firewall. Review email settings to configure your Outlook account.
  5. The Outlook error can start due to a faulty startup of your account. Therefore, start Outlook in safe mode so that it can detect the faults and fix them.
  6. If you have tried to send lengthy emails, they can remain in the outbox as undelivered. Then they interfere with the send/receive process. So you will need to delete these emails from your outbox.

Check out some secondary solutions:

Change the time-out settings in Outlook so that Outlook can get additional time for sending emails when the server is down. Scrutinize all SMTP email address to check that all of them are correct. Disable the add-ins from your computer and verify the data store integrity. Use a third-party tool to repair a PST file manually but ensure that it can damage your PC as well. Uninstall Outlook from your computer and do a clean reinstallation. It often resolves send/receive error Outlook. If these methods do not work for you, you can set up a new Outlook account and enable unrestricted access to it.

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