[Fixed] Outlook Keeps Asking For Password Issue

Sometimes you might notice that after Outlook 2016 gets successfully connected to the Exchange server, suddenly a new window appears on the display and the Outlook keeps asking for a password.

You type the password and click on OK, however, the Windows continuously ask for the password. By clicking on the Cancel button, you may continue to work with the Outlook, but after some time the Windows will again ask for the password.

So it is essentially important to fix this problem instantly to continue accessing your Outlook account without any hindrance.

Effective Hacks to Fix Outlook 2016 Keeps Asking for Password Issue:

Due to some reasons, you might experience this glitch in your Outlook account. For example, If the Remember Password option is disabled if there are some issues with the PST files and so on.

Take a look below to know the procedures to remove the problem. 

Solution 1- Ensure that the Outlook App is Working Properly

To make sure the Outlook App is working properly, first check if the Outlook application is up to date or not. If not, then update it to its latest version. 

How to Update the Outlook App?

First, open the Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Then, click on the File tab, The option is usually located in the upper left corner of the Outlook app window.

Within the File menu, click on the Account option. After that, navigate to the Product information and tap on the Update button. Next, tap on the Update Now button. If an update is available, then it will automatically be updated.

You are also advised to delete all the previous Outlook credentials and use the Windows Desktop based credentials. After that, reboot your system and check the error status.

Solution 2- Reset the Login Settings Manually

To apply this solution, first, go to the Control Panel. From there, navigate to the Credentials Manager. After that, select the Accounts and Family Safety button.

Under this part, search for the Set of credentials that has name MS Outlook for the mail server. Then, you need to click on the name to see the set of credentials and after that, tap on the ‘Remove from vaults’ option.

Repeat these steps for all the set of credentials that start with the Outlook Word. Finally, exit from the Credential Manager and the Control Panel.

Reboot your machine and launch the Outlook and try to access it without this error.

Solution 3- Turn on the Remember Password Option

Occasionally the issue can be resolved after enabling the ‘Remember Password’ option. To enable it first, launch the Outlook and after that, move to the File tab. From here, drop down and select Account Settings.

On the next window, go to the bottom and you will see the Remember Password option and enable it. 

Solution 4- Fix the Problem within the Outlook PST file Via ScanPST.exc

If all the above three solutions fail to resolve the error, then you can use Microsoft’s Inbuilt Repair Utility Scanpst.exe. file to fix the problem. 

So, at first, move to the Windows Explorer and after that, proceed to the System directory where the Outlook is installed. 

Then find out Scanpst.exe and double click on it to open.  Then, follow the online instructions to repair the minor damages within the Outlook PST file.

Then, check the status of the problem and if you are still unable to fix the Outlook keeps asking for a password issue, then here is another alternative solution for you.

Solution 5-  Generate a New Profile

It is often possible that there is a problem somewhere in the Profile. In such a condition, creating a new user profile can be a great choice for you. For that, look at the given below directions.

  1. First, exit from the Outlook account and go to the Control Panel. Then, tap on the Mail button.
  2. Under the Mail setup, scroll down and select Slow Profile. Tap on the Add option.
  3. Enter the name of the profile and tap on OK.  In addition, type your name and email address.
  4. Tap on Next and after that, click on the Finish button. 
  5. Again, move to the main window and within the “Always use this profile” dialog box, choose the new profile and tap on OK.

Solution 6- Open the Outlook into the Safe Mode and Remove the Add-ins

To open the Outlook in the Safe mode, simply press and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Now, to remove the add-ins, first of all, navigate to the File and tap on Options. 

Here go to the left panel and choose Add-ins. It will open a new pop up window where you may see all the installed Add-ins

Select the Add that you want to remove and now another window will appear on the display. Tap on the Remove option.

Next, check if the Outlook still asking for a password or not.

Solution 7- Check the Outlook Anywhere

By using the Outlook anywhere feature, you can remotely access your Exchange account from the internet when you are working outside the organization’s firewall.

While using Outlook anywhere to connect to the Exchange server, you have to select the NTLM authentication. Millions of users have reported that this authentication can fix the problem. 

Hence, to enable it, first, proceed to the File option after that, tap on the Account Settings and choose the Account Settings button.


Now, select the More Settings and from there, go to the Connection tab. Thereafter, click on the Exchange Proxy settings option. Here, drop down and click on the Proxy authentication settings.

Here, select NTM Authentication. 

Once you are encountering this password issue, then you can not do anything with the Outlook account. So, Outlook 2016 keeps asking for a password problem must be instantly resolved. Hope after applying the above fixes, you can easily fix the error.