How to Fix Outlook Error 3219:  Easy Solutions From Our Tech Experts

Microsoft Outlook is proven to be one of the best email applications. Besides mailing, Outlook has some other facilities like web browsing, task manager, etc. But, this application is not free from technical glitches. You may face errors like Outlook Error 3219. The error code of Outlook stops you from sending mail. If there is an authentication issue with the same documents at the same time, then the error may happen. But don’t worry, you can have the solutions here. You can try them on your own or you can contact the experts for help. Our Microsoft Support will assist you in resolving your issues.

What is Outlook Error 3219?

The hex code of the  Outlook error code 3219 is 0x8DE00005. This error means that the Outlook server fails to allow you from sending the mail. If the users try to configure their WLM to connect, then the fault may happen. At the same time, when they try to sync the mail over the HTTPS link, the same thing happens. Due to overloading or updating the server, the error may occur. If you are using the Outlook email application, then you should configure your account with the IMAP or a POP account.

How to Fix Outlook error 0x8de00005

When you encounter Outlook Error 3219, then you may want to fix the error. Here you will get the solutions in an instant. Follow them one by one to find the perfect one for you. If you are unable to understand at any point, you can ask the experts for guided solutions.

Step 1: Deactivate The Old Account:

First of all, you need to deactivate your existing account. You can perform this step because your old account is showing errors and can’t download the new messages. However, disabling an account will not harm your folders content. You can follow the steps to deactivate the account. At first, right click on the Account Name and select the properties option. Now move to the General Tab and uncheck the box asking, Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing’. After that apply it.

Step 2: Make A New IMAP Account:

Secondly, you can create an IMAP account to obliterate the error. To create it, press the key combination, Ctrl, Shift, and T. Now, start the process of adding your new email account. After that, you need to put the email id, password as well as display name. Then, click on the option, Manually configure server settings and Next. For Incoming Server, choose the IMAP and enter for the server address. Enter the port 993 and select the options Requires a secure connection (SSL) and Authenticate using.  Now put the whole email address at the place of username. Then follow the instructions shown on the screen to complete the process.

Step 3: Remove The Old Account:

After creating the account successfully, shift all the old messages from the old account. Now, you can remove the old account. Removing the account will delete all the folders as well as the messages. At the time of removing the account make sure you carefully perform the task because once you delete it, you can not restore it.

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