Fix Outlook 2016 Freezes: Quick Hacks From Our Tech Experts

Microsoft Outlook is a preferred email platform by users across the world. It is basically an email manager with added features in it. However, Outlook 2016 freezes at times with prolonged usage. The issue generally cripples your whole Outlook software thereby making it impossible for you to work. This can affect your daily work because this not only lets you send and receive emails, but also offers you several handy features such as task manager, calendar, note-taking, and contact manager.

Moreover, Outlook is a stand-alone application. Outlook allows you to work with multiple users as well.

What Makes Outlook 2016 Freezes

As mentioned above, Outlook 2016 freezes at any time depending upon how you are using your system and the software.

  • The inbox or mailbox of the system is occupied with plenty of emails as a result Outlook is not responding properly.
  • If multiple processes that are running in your system uses Outlook then it crashes abruptly.
  • There can be a chance that the version of Outlook software you are using is outdated and hence results in freezing of the email manager.
  • A glitch in the Office programs can cause issues with your Outlook.
  • Your Outlook profile can be corrupt which is why it is not performing.
  • Your Windows Firewall is blocking Outlook.
  • Use of a third-party antivirus can cause such issues.
  • Damaged data files of Outlook sometimes freezes the software while you try to open it.
  • Outlook 2016 freezes suddenly if there is a fault in your internet connection. Check your connection in such cases.

How To Fix Outlook Freezing Issue

Helpless with your Outlook issue? Get immediate hacks by which you can solve Outlook problems on your own.

Check Your Internet Connection

An issue with the network can often lead to malfunctioning of online software. This can be solved by checking the sources of connection. Analyze the Ethernet cables if they are in good condition or not. This is because they are the primary carrier of internet data to you. If your system is connected through a router, check whether the router is working or not. You can do this either by replacing it with a dummy router or by directly connecting your internet cable to the LAN driver.

Terminate the Outlook.exe Process

  1. Press the “Ctrl+Alt+Del” keys together from your keyboard to open the “Task Manager” of your system.
  2. The Task Manager opens. Switch to the “Processes” tab to search the specific Outlook.exe process.
  3. After you locate the “Outlook.exe” process right-click on that and hit “End Process” or you can simply click the “End Process” button at the bottom.
  4. The Outlook process will terminate.
  5. Now Restart your computer and start the Outlook process again.

Avail Microsoft Services Promptly

You can face difficulty in understanding the steps to solve the issue or you can face a problem in detecting the actual reason behind the Outlook malfunctioning. In such cases, you always need a professional support team who is efficient enough to solve issues which you can’t handle by yourself. Here Microsoft has the same brand value as it has in terms of its products and software. The service they provide is of premium quality. They will provide you with the best possible technicians who are expert in diagnosing the defects and rectify it accordingly. Their meticulous work behaviour always has an impact on their performance.

Need Professional Assistance? Dial Microsoft Outlook Service Number Now!

There are three channels of communication by which you can contact the Microsoft users instantly. You can directly call at Microsoft Support Number  +1-855-334-7340 to discuss the defects you are facing with your Outlook account.

Furthermore, you can also drop an email [email protected] to them or chat with them using the Live Chat Portal of Microsoft. The engineers will reply back to provide  Outlook Repair Service as soon as possible.