Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool Issues: Get Expert Support

The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool eliminates malware from the Windows system, without downloading antivirus programs on the system. If your computer sets up Windows updates automatically, it will be installed in an automatic manner. If you install manual updates, you may have installed it as part of the manual update process. It is recognized as an essential update.

If you install the removal tool then you must know how to use this software removal tool. Read the entire article and find some ideas about the topic.

Importance Of Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

The software removal tool deletes malicious software from an already infected computer. It is significantly more selective to prevent harmful software running on the computer. The tool only eliminates certain conventional malicious software.

Furthermore, the tool centers on recognizing and removing existing malicious software. The software is unable to eliminate harmful software that is not operating.

How To Manage Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool

If you have this software removal tool then you require to know how to use it. So follow the article to find some useful hacks related to it.

Run Malicious Software In Command Prompt

At first, open the Command Prompt. Then, type the listed command and press enter after entering each command.

MRT /F to open the MSRT UI and perform a full scan. Or type MRT /F /Q to conduct a full scan without starting MSRT UI.

Then either enter MRT /F:Y to open MSRT UI, execute a full scan, and automatically clean infected files. Or you can also type MRT /F:Y /Q to complete a full scan, and automatically clean infected files without initiating MSRT UI.

Manually Run The Tool And View Logs

You do not require to operate the tool manually. If your computer is infected, you may want to scan it through a licensed antivirus program that detects much malware.

When you are trying to run the tool in this way, you will notice a graphical interface. The tools are running the fast scan when you are accessing it in the background. You can also run a full scan of the entire system or specific folders when you run it manually.

Once the tools start to run it will generate a log file.

You can see the file in %WINDIR%\debug\mrt.log — that’s C:\Windows\debug\mrt.log.

Then, open the file in notepad to view the outcome of the scan. If you do not find empty log files with an error, then assume that the tool has not detected any problems.

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