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Microsoft Edge Not Working: Effective Solutions From Technicians

Edge is a web browser which is created and developed by Microsoft. As an inbuilt web browser, it facilitates users to a great extent. Despite being user-friendly, yet it is not free from errors. Users are struggling to resolve it’s technical glitches. If you are one of the users of this browser then you might have noticed Microsoft Edge not working at times. If you face so and don’t know how to troubleshoot this error, don’t worry. You have hit the right page for assistance. With the help of this article, you will be able to resolve the matter on your own. In order to resolve the error at first, you have to know the causes behind the error in detail. It will facilitate you in troubleshooting.

Why Microsoft Edge Not Responding: Causes Behind The Error

There is a possible cause behind this error. You may get this error after updating the windows 10 version. When you update the Windows version but don’t update Edge, then it crashes. After gathering detailed information about your trouble, check out the solutions to fix this error.

Solutions To Resolve Microsoft Edge Not Working Issue

No matter why or when you are facing this error with your Edge but once you face so, you need is to resolve the matter at first on your own. In this article, we are providing sufficient information to resolve your error instantly. Try to follow them whichever looks convenient for you.

Method 1: Reboot Your PC

If you are noticed that your Edge crashes or Microsoft Edge not working, then at first try to reboot your OS. It will refresh the system. After this process, try to access your Edge. You will be able to do so, if not then try another method.

Method 2: Reinstall Edge

You may get this error due to an outdated version of Microsoft Edge or an internal glitch. In this case, try to update or reinstall your browser. It will take some time but after this whole process is done, you will be able to access your Microsoft Edge. If the error still persists, then try some other method.

Method 3: Reinstall Windows Update

This error might arise due to an affected Windows update. If the error still persists even after performing an updating Edge, then try to update the Windows version as well. After this process, check whether the error is resolved. You will surely be able to access your Windows Edge.

Hope you have already resolved your Edge trouble with the help of this article. If not, then there is something serious with your Edge. Don’t worry. Tech experts are here to assist you further. Let us know about your trouble. The techies will resolve the matter instantly.

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