Simple Fixes For Kodi Indigo Error|Easy Step By Step Guide

Kodi is a very popular app design which is being used for multiple devices and several platforms. Basically, this is a free open-source media player which allows the users to play videos and music.

But it has a mechanism of Add-ons which are developed for customization purposes. These Add-ons allow users to increase their experience and maintenance purpose to the existing Kodi software.

Indigo is one of the add-ons. This add-on is a repair and diagnostic tool which protects the Kodi application by scanning at frequent intervals. When this application scans, you may encounter Kodi Indigo error.

If you are encountering the Indigo error, then check out some potential fixes to get rid of it.

What are the Prime Reasons for the Kodi Indigo Error?

Kodi Indigo error message appears due to various reasons. Some of the reasons why this error occurs are:

  • If you have not updated the application properly, you might encounter this type of error.
  • Moreover, when the Indigo module is corrupted or damaged, the incomplete installation of the Kodi might prompt the error message.

Now, walk through the below section where the Kodi Indigo application problems with specific fixes have been discussed. You need to try out these fixes one-by-one when the application does not run properly.

How to Fix Kodi Indigo Error?

Whatsoever the reasons, try the below troubleshooting methods one-by-one in order to fix Kodi Indigo error.

Fix 1: Update or Roll Back the Version

Most of the time, Indigo add-on error occurs when you are using an older version of the application. These updates can fix many problems and bugs in the software.

Thus, ensure that you have installed the latest version of the application. You need to look into two things. The first one is the Add-on version and the other one is the Kodi application version.

First of all, you should ensure that both the modules are installed in its latest version.

Secondly, when everything is updated, then it can roll back to a previous version in both cases one-by-one. Now, verify whether the problem gets resolved or not.

According to the users, version 4.0.4/17 causes this troublemaking error message. Therefore, break the module.

Fix 2: Reinstall the Indigo Application

If the above process is not able to solve the issue, then reinstalling the Indigo application is the best option to resolve the issue.

First of all, you need to uninstall it and then install it again with the fresh version. Now, follow the instructions below and apply them.

Step 1

At first, move to the Add-on section in the Kodi and right-click on the Indigo. After that, select the Add-on information option.

Step 2

Then, select the Uninstall option from the list that will appear on the system screen. Now, uninstall the Indigo application and reboot your device. Further, check whether the problem gets resolved or not.

If the error message does not exist, then install it again with the latest version. If you do not know how to install it, then apply the steps below.

How to Install the Indigo Application?

At first, expand the File Manager option in the Kodi and then select the Add source which is situated at the left navigation bar.

Step 4

After that, visit the official website of the Kodi. From there, download the latest version of the Kodi and name the media source as Indigo. When the process gets completed, click on OK to save the changes.

Step 5

Later, open the add-one page and click on the little box which is situated at the top-right corner of the system screen.

Step 6

After that, from the Next menu, choose the “Install from zip file”. Thereafter, move to the Directory section that you have created recently and click on the Begin here folder.

Step 7

Further, select the version of the Indigo that is available on the device screen and proceed with the installation steps.

Step 8

When the installation process is completed, reboot the Kodi and system as well. Now, check if the Indigo is installed properly or not.

Wrapping Up

So, by applying the above-mentioned solutions, you can easily resolve Kodi indigo error. If the problem still persists, then mention that in the comment section below. We will try to provide you some advanced solutions to resolve this problem.