[Fixed] Your System Is Heavily Damaged By Four Virus

Nowadays, we are attached to our smartphones more rather than laptops or notebooks. But we are still not capable of ignoring browser hijackers. Hackers are innovating new ideas to infect our device and steal valuable data from us. One of their achievements is the Four virus. 

Your System Is Heavily Damaged By Four Virus

Many of us used to watch these fake alert messages while surfing on the phone browser. Sometimes, we get confused. You should refrain from taking any actions according to the instructions on the screen because this appearance can’t infect your system without your consent. 

Hackers are trying to steal your banking information or other information through your smartphone. Thus, you should stay more careful while searching for something on the web browser. If you confirm any prompt, it can threaten your life. 

How can Four Virus Harm your Device?

Four viruses can appear on your browser as well as stay in your device. If you don’t follow the instructions, then you need not panic. You can simply close the page and the browser respectively. 

Ignoring the Four virus alert can do nothing rather than slowing down your device a bit. It can’t interfere with your social media information or banking and professional details. 

But, if you go through the instructions, then there’s a high chance of inviting malware and adware. Basically, browser hijackers have launched a bundle of software and it may affect your device and finally you. 

Actually, there are some developers who use this JavaScript of Four virus to launch advertisements. Four virus acts as a driving force that is capable of drawing advertisements, banners on your web browser. You can see malicious pop-ups, banners, etc. It can redirect you to malicious pages. Even it can invite malware like trojans and ransomware. 

Google Play has disabled such software-bundle on their site. The advantage of this Four virus is that it is not an actual virus. That’s why no antivirus can prevent this from appearing in the browser. So, we need to remove them manually from our device. 

Therefore, here we have collected some verified fixes to remove these Four virus. Try each of them until you get a suitable solution so that the alert appears no more.

Fixes to Overcome “Your System is Heavily Damaged by Four Virus” Error Message:

We have some fixes for those users who have gone through these instructions for virus removal software. If you have downloaded that software, then we recommend you to uninstall it. 

Moreover, you need some additional methods to fix if your system is heavily damaged by four virus.

Fix 1: Uninstall the Software

We are going to uninstall the software that you have downloaded from the malicious page. Please don’t skip any of these steps depicted below.

  1. Launch the Settings app.
  2. Then tap on the Application Manager(apps).
  3. Choose the Downloaded filter. Find out “Locate four virus”.
  4. Tap on the “Locate four virus” and hit Uninstall.

Launch the web browser to check whether you can see this error message again.

Fix 2: Manage Permissions on your Device(Android)

You can apply this fix on your Android device when you are unable to uninstall the software. It might happen sometimes that the uninstall option gets disabled itself. 

Once this happens, then you can choose this step.

  1. Expand Settings. Tap on the More option. Navigate the following path: Security> Device Administration.
  2. Double-check if only Android Device Manager or Google Play Services apps have permission to alter the device.
  3. Go to Security again. Ensure that the Unknown sources option is disabled.

Now, open the browser. Check if you can see the four viruses again.

Fix 3: Eliminate the Four Virus from the Browser(Android)

The Four virus is a JavaScript coding that troubles you as well as your device. If the above two fixes haven’t rescued you from the situation, then opt for this method. We have considered only Android devices in this section. 

You need to delete some temporary files as this kind of pop-ups can’t penetrate the security system of your device. So let’s begin.

  1. Open that particular browser that is causing the problem. If multiple browsers are acting so, then you need to repeat the same steps to eradicate the four viruses.
  2. Open Settings. Opt for More Application Manager(apps) and find out the browser holding the virus. You need to enable All App filter to see whether you are facing pop-up with a built-in browser.
  3. Select the browser and enable Force Stop.
  4. Wait until the browser stops completely and then opt for Clear Data.
  5. Next, choose Clear Cache.

Reboot your Android device to check if the issue resolved.

Fix 4: Eliminate the Four Virus from the Browser(iOS)

We have the fix for iPhone and iPad too. The browser hijacker can attack you too through the default browser(Safari). Let’s try this quick fix to eliminate the four virus from the browser of your iOS devices.

  1. Go to the Settings app. Select Safari.
  2. Opt for Clear History and Website Data.
  3. Again, go to Settings. Open the Safari option.
  4. Next, opt for Advanced options. Head towards Website Data. 
  5. Tap on Remove All Website Data.

Now, reboot your iOS device. Open Safari and check whether the virus is still there.

Hopefully, you have found how to fix the Four virus issue both on your Android and iOS devices. If you are facing any difficulty, then reach us via the comments section. You can come up with more advanced solutions to resolve this error by using the same comments section.