[FIXED] Get Instant Solutions For HTTP Error 500

A lot of users are out there who encountered the internal error of HTTP. This is termed as HTTP error 500. This means there’s something wrong with the server of the website you are visiting.

The error can happen on both sides, the server-site or the client site. You might face this on any of your devices no matter if its a computer or a smartphone.

This can also happen due to programming fault on the page or site. Let’s see how we can deal with this.

How To Fix HTTP Error 500 (Server-Side)?

We will first discuss the solution for the HTTP error 500 at the internal server-side in this section.


You can simply reload the page. Press F5 or you can use the combination of Ctrl+R keys.

If the problem is minor then reload will work fine and the page will appear without any restrictions.

Clearing Cache

If the first hack didn’t work, then you can try this one. You need to clear all the cache files of your browser. After clearing cached data, reload your browser and see if it works.

Clearing Cookies

Still, the error is not gone? You can try to erase the error message by deleting all the cookies of your browser. Delete all the cookies, related to the server or the page you are visiting. Again, reload your browser and see if the HTTP error 500 still there or not.


Basic troubleshoot can save you from this error. Sometimes, the 504 gateway problem also appears as an HTTP error 500. So, the basic troubleshooting for the 504 gateway problem might help you in this case.

You can check all the network settings of the system and the server too. You can restart all your network connections and double-check everything to eradicate the error.

Connect with the Website Administrators

While you can’t get to the website due to the error, you can directly connect to the website administrators. You can contact them to know more about the error. If they already know about the error, they will let you know when are they going to fix this error.

Check Later

If none of the above methods work for you, then it is definitely the error at the server-side. And it may take a while to recover. So, the best option is to come and check the website later. The server-site will repair the error and will be fine after some time.

How To Fix HTTP Error 500 (At Client Side)

If the above methods and long-time wait can’t fix the error, then you are probably facing this error due to the problem at your side.

Error On Permissions

You might be facing permission problems while confronting this error. Incorrect permission can lead to this situation and you need to fix this. Permissions are scripted as PHP and CGI files. So, you need to reset these files. 

PHP Timeout

If you are trying to connect to external resources via some scripting files, then this error is common. You can use timeout rules to avoid the error or the better way is to use error handling codes in your scripted files. This can help you with some context.


Any error in .htaccess file can trouble you with HTTP error 500. Please double-check your .htaccess files and find out if it is restricting you to connect to the website.

To Conclude

If you are using any CMS platform like WordPress, Joomla, then you need to be more specific with the error code HTTP 500. Because there are multiple forms available that it takes. 

500.0 indicates that module error takes place. The 500.11 indicates that the application can close anytime. 

Another error code 500.12 indicates that the application is busy. If the webserver is busy, then this is indicated by 500.13. These are some basic HTTP 500 error codes.

Hopefully, you have solved the HTTP error 500 with the help of this post. And if it didn’t, then let us know about the problem a bit more with the specific code using the comment section.