[FIXED] FFXIV Unable To Download Patch Files|Easy Steps

FFXIV or Final Fantasy 14 is the latest sensation in the online gaming world and recently many gamers have reported that they are encountering “Unable to download patch files” in FFXIV game. 

Obviously, this error disrupts the flow of the game and can often be annoying to gamers. Users have attempted to restart the game, wait for a while and reinstall the game on the device. But all these fixes fail to disable the error. 

Whenever the gamer enters the game, the same error appears on the screen. That’s why we have come up with probable solutions to fix FFXIV unable to download patch files.

There are several reasons responsible for the occurrence of this error. Routing issues can play a major role in this error. You can go for a VPN connection if you want to enjoy the game without interruptions. Even the Windows Defender firewall can prohibit you from playing the game online. 

How to Fix FFXIV Unable to Download Patch Files?

We have arranged some sure-shot fixes to overcome this disgusting error from your favorite game. And the good news is that all the fixes are super easy to apply. 

We can guarantee that the fixes will work for each and every device.

Fix 1: Using a VPN Connection

Most of the FFXIV gamers who are facing this error get benefitted through this fix. This fix is the simplest one. You can go for VPN services to enjoy the game. 

It is recommended to use the VPN connection whenever you are trying to download the patch files. 

You need to search out a perfect VPN connection for you. You will get a lot of options for VPN connections. Just download one of them. Install the service and run. Then go for the patch files. 

Hope that you will not be able to see the error message anymore when you are using a VPN.

Fix 2: Configuring the DNS Server

If the first fix doesn’t work for you and you are still getting annoyed by the same message, then try out this fix. Many users have marked this fix as a prominent solution to the error. 

Here is how to apply this solution.

Step 1: Open Network Settings

This step involves the opening of the Network Settings on your PC through the Run dialog box. Follow every step without skipping. This will ensure a better fix.

  1. Press and hold Win and R to launch the Run dialog box. You can similarly search for the Run box via the search bar typing search and press Enter.
  2. Fill it with “ncpa.cpl” and press Enter.
  3. Find your network connections. Go to your Network and right-click on it.
  4. Choose Properties.
  5. You need to double-click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) under the “This Connection uses the following items” section.
  6. Go to the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option and click on it.

Step 2: Reset DNS Server

You can change the settings of your DNS server so that you can easily download the patch files for Final Fantasy 14. The steps are quite easy, so don’t worry.

  1. Fill in the “Prefered DNS server” with
  2. Further, fill in the “Alternate DNS server” with
  3. Then you have to check the “Validate settings upon exit” box.
  4. Choose OK and again OK to save the changes.

Step 3: Use Command Prompt

Here you need to open Command Prompt. Search for Command Prompt by typing cmd in the search bar. Right-click on the result of Command Prompt and choose Run as Administrator. 

This will launch Command Prompt with Admin privilege and will enable the action we need.

  1. Type “ipconfig/flushdns” and hit Enter.
  2. Again type “ipconfig/release” and press Enter.
  3. Type “ipconfig/renew” and again press Enter.
  4. Quit the Command Prompt.

Hopefully, the fix works for you too.

Fix 3: Again Configuring DNS Server(An Alternate to Fix 2)

This fix is for those who couldn’t apply Fix 2 to fix FFXIV unable to download patch files. Here a modified version of the Fix 2 is provided to fix this issue successfully.

  1. Apply the steps discussed in Step 1 of the Fix 2.
  2. Fill in the “Preferred DNS Server” with
  3. And fill in the “Alternate DNS Server” with
  4. Check the “Validate settings upon exit” box.
  5. Select OK and again OK to save the changes.
  6. Now, perform the steps exactly the same as depicted in Step 3 of the Fix 2.

This fix will definitely work for you. Moreover, now you will be able to download the patch files for FFXIV.

Fix 4: Change the Firewall Settings

If the above fixes don’t resolve the problem, then there’s a chance that your system Firewall is restricting you. You need to fix this problem to eradicate the error. 

You can turn your Firewall off for a while to download the patch files for your game. Here’s how you can achieve it.

  1. Press and Win and R simultaneously. The Run dialog box will open.
  2. Type “firewall.cpl” there and hit the Enter button.
  3. Select Turn Windows Firewall On or Off and click on it.
  4. Opt for the “Turn off Windows firewall(not recommended)” option in both sections of the Public and Private Network.
  5. Click on OK to save the changes.

Make sure that you have enabled the firewall after downloading patch files for FFXIV because we strictly recommend you not to switch your firewall off.

Fix 5: Delete Certain Folder from System

You can delete a certain folder associated with Final Fantasy 14. The folder stays in the Documents of your PC. Let’s begin with the steps.

  1. Expand File Explorer by pressing Win+E together.
  2. Select Documents on the left pane of the Windows.
  3. Double click on My Games.
  4. Find out Final Fantasy XIV- A Realm Reborn. Double-click on it.
  5. Expand the Downloads folder. Double-click on the Patch folder.
  6. Look for a folder named 4e9a232b. Right-click on it and choose the Delete option. Confirm the Additional prompts.

Now, launch the game and check if the error is still there. 

Hopefully, the error resolves when you apply all the fixes discussed here. We have a pro tip just for you. You can disable your third-party antivirus to download the patch files if the above fixes don’t work. But, please enable it as soon as the download completes. 

If you are facing any problems and you have any queries, then use the comment section below for professional help.