Steps To Deal With Epson Printer Recovery Mode Notification

Epson printers are known for generating top-quality printouts and providing world-class printing services. But, you can come across a wide range of issues while working with your Epson device.

The issue of Epson printer recovery mode is the most annoying event, which occurs due to various reasons. Getting this error is a clear indication that some driver updates may not have been done successfully. You must always make sure that the drivers of your printer are updated properly. Otherwise, you will have to face this kind of problem.  

If you are not paying much attention to this error, your printer will suffer more damage. Hence, this type of problem should be dealt with immediately. So, if you are experiencing this issue with your Epson printer, keep reading this article.

In this post, I will discuss the reasons behind this problem and the procedure to fix recovery mode error in Epson printers.

Reason Behind This Epson Printer Recovery Mode Error

This error is exhibited by Epson printers due to the following reasons:

1. Printer driver installation getting canceled or paused.

2. Abrupt disconnection of power cord and other connecting cables.

3. Internet failure during installing updates or wireless printing.

4. Power cut during recovery mode operation. 

Procedure To Troubleshoot Epson Printer Recovery Mode

This kind of error message is very unexpected. But to fix this printer issue, you need to use proper and correct methods. In case, you are not applying the accurate Epson printer recovery mode fix, it may end up damaging your device. So, let’s discuss the process of resolving this recovery issue.

When you come across this error, wait until you see a screen with options on your printer’s display panel. 

After the screen appears, click on the option saying “Epson Firmware updater download site”. This will lead you to the download page of the firmware.

From this page, download the most suitable and recent firmware for your printer. Try to install the latest version of the OS as well. 

When the download process is completed, you can install it by following the instructions given on the screen.

But, if you fail to download the firmware, you can go to the official site of your printer’s manufacturer. In this website, you can search for a recovery tool suitable for your printer model and your current OS. 

After you have downloaded the program, carry on with the installation process by following the on-screen instructions. By this procedure, you will be able to resolve Epson printer recovery mode problem.

Things You Should Remember Before Starting The Epson Printer Recovery Process

Before starting the process, check that the factors given below are available to you.

1. High-speed and uninterrupted Internet connection.

2. Good connection with the cables.

3. Availability of power backup.

4. No physical or technical issue in the printing machine.

Parting Words

I hope that by following this procedure discussed here, you will be able to resolve Epson printer recovery mode problem. So, apply the steps by following all the instructions, and you will be able to see that your printer is operating in recovery mode easily.