Fixed Epson Printer in Error State – 3 Simple Steps to Recovery

A lot of users have found their Epson printer in error state and which in turn affects productivity. If you are currently facing this same problem, and are not being able to use the Epson printer at all, then you might be really worried. 

Now, the real question comes, what you can do to fix this problem in the shortest time? You have come across the right article, as after going through this guide and applying all the solutions you will be able to fix the error state. 

More than that, we are going to cover a lot of related information associated with the problem. 

Reasons you are Finding your Epson Printer in Error State 

Epson makes some of the best printers that you can buy from the market and it is with these printers that you can get some of the best quality prints. 

But the problem comes when you get error messages from this, which can indicate different technical glitches. For each different type of error, there will be unique error codes, which you can see in the error message. 

But instead of listing all the solutions to fix your Epson printer in error state right away, let us first discuss all the possible reasons why this problem might be occurring. 

As if you have that information, then you will be able to avoid a lot of adverse technical issues. And to understand and implement them in the most efficient manner, you will need to have a good understanding of the possible causes of this issue. 

Possible Causes:

  • To start with a rather trivial cause of this issue, we would like to point out the loose power connections.
  • Then there is the case for out of date system drivers, which can be very problematic in this regard. 
  • Finally, if there has been a virus attack on the computer, that will create a lot of corrupt system files. 

How to Fix your Epson Printer in Error State: Step by Step 

Now that we have listed the main technical issues behind this error code, it is time to list up all the solutions that will help you recover from this problem. 

If you can identify the precise cause of this error in your case, then it will be even better. As you can go and apply the solution for it straightaway. We have covered in this article all the solutions that you are going to need. 

Update the Drivers for the Epson Printer 

As we have said how important having the latest system updates are, be it for your printer or for any other device that you may use. 

So, if you are facing such error code problems with your Epson printer, try getting the latest system updates. Here is the complete process that is going to help you do that. 

  1. Open up the Control Panel of your Windows computer and look for the Hardware & Sound section. Click on it to expand that section. 
  2. Once you are in the Hardware & Sound section, find the Device Manager option. As you do that, you will see the list of the devices that are in connection with your computer system. 
  3. Look for the name of your Epson printer from that list and as you find it, right-click on it. Now, from the dropdown list that comes up click on the Update Driver option. 
  4. Here, you will get the option for either automatic update or manual update. Choose the automatic option from here as that will start the search for updates. 
  5. Once the system has successfully identified the updates, click on the Update button. As you do that, the process of update is going to start. 

Wait till the update is over, and then restart your Epson printer. That is going to apply the latest update and the error code issue is going to go away. 

But if for any reason this does not work, then go for the next solution on this list. 

Restart the Epson Printer 

If you want to override any minor system file issue, then you can restart your printer. 

To do that, you will have to close down all the print jobs that you have lined up. This is indeed an important task as if you do not do that, then restarting might be problematic. 

Also, if there are certain print jobs that are going on, then you will have to abort all of them one after the other. 

Shut down the printer after that, and make sure to disconnect all the cable that is connecting, which includes the power cable, the peripheral connection cables, the USB, etc. 

Wait for a while and then connect all of that back again as usual. Now, power up your Epson printer and set everything up as usual. After you do all of that, check whether you are still facing this error code issue or not. 

Fix any Hardware Issues that Might be there 

In a lot of cases, if there are hardware damages in the system that can very well cause problems such as this one. 

Now, these can be at different levels, from dust deposition to actual physical damage. Whatever the case may be, you might get different kinds of error code issues from those. 

Start by looking along the power cable for any kind of damage. If there is some damage in the power cable not only is that going to put forth a problem like this, but it can damage the printer as well. 

Then there is the connection with the computer itself which is through the USB cable. Check for broken or loose connections in that as well. It can prove to be rather harmful to your Epson printer like the issue with the power cord. 

And if your Epson printer is wireless, then you can check for issues with that wireless connection as well. 


Well here you have the solutions you will need to fix your Epson printer in error state. These will very likely be enough to solve this. But if for any reason these do not work, then you can join in through the comments section.