Computer Randomly Restarts : Solve PC Issues With Quick Fixes In An Instant

Irrespective of the brand, if your computer randomly restarts without prior warning then it can be a severe issue for most of the users. So, if you are facing this problem with your PC, don’t panic. Most customers face this random restart issue quite often. Check out this article to know the reasons behind getting this restart problem. It will also help you to resolve this error by applying a few fixes. So, if you are looking for effective ways to get rid of this repeated PC startup issue, follow these methods discussed in this article.

Why Your Computer Randomly Restarts? Know The Reasons

If your computer randomly restarts, there can be multiple reasons behind this problem. So, if you are aware of the exact causes, you can resolve it by applying fixing methods. So, let’s discuss the causes of this abrupt restart error in PCs.

  • Any hardware issue can generate VGA error in your system. It can further lead to disruption with the entire system. So, your PC restarts randomly.
  • If the graphics card in your PC is defective or not well seated in its device slot, the repeated startup problem can occur.
  • While using Windows 10 in your PC, if the installation process was incomplete, you can get this issue.
  • When your device BIOS is corrupt, it won’t boot up easily and can cause the random restart error.
  • If the device drivers, OS or graphics card do not receive correct updates, it can cause this PC error.

When Computer Restarts Randomly Try The Fixes

Now that you are aware of the main causes of why your computer restarts randomly, it’s time to check the solutions to mitigate the same. To fix this repeated device startup problem, you can follow these quick and simple solutions.

Fix 1: Turn Off Automatic Driver Updates

When the device drivers including the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) becomes faulty, it can cause sudden startup problem. But if you have already installed the accurate updates, applying further changes, it can cause this error. To make sure, the Windows Update does not modify these drivers further, disable the automatic updates.

Go to ‘Search’ bar and enter ‘Advanced Settings’ then select ‘View advanced system settings’. After this, click on the ‘Hardware’ option and go to ‘Device Installation Settings’. It will ask you whether you want to download custom icons and manufacturer apps automatically or not. So, select ‘No (your device may not work as expected)’ option and click ‘Save Changes’ to fix this random restart problem.

Fix 2: Disable The Option Of Automatic PC Restart

Whenever your PC undergoes any critical system error, the option of ‘Automatic Restart’ shuts down your PC to avoid system corruption. So, if your system gets corrupted due to a recent bug, then your computer randomly restarts. Hence, you can disable the ‘Automatic Restart’ process and resolve this issue.

To perform this action, enter ‘Advanced Settings’ in Windows Search bar. Then select ‘View advanced system settings’ and click on ‘Advanced’ option. You will find the option of ‘Startup and Recovery’. So, untick the ‘Automatically Restart’ box and save the changes.

Fix 3: Go For System Restore To Reset You Device

Apply this step only when the above two fixes fail and also repairing computer components can’t resolve this restart problem. So, restoring your Windows device can fix this repeated startup issue in your PC. Hence, follow the restore instructions based on your OS and get rid of this restart error.

To apply ‘System Restore’ in devices with Windows 10, open ‘Search’ bar and enter ‘Recovery’ in the box. Then go to ‘Open System Restore’ and click on ‘Next’. You can choose the appropriate restore point when your computer didn’t have this abrupt startup error.

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