Here’s What To Do If You Can’t Login To Asus Router

Asus routers are considered for providing the best all-round products with extra security and many other advanced features. It helps you to connect to the Internet and enjoy high-speed browsing experience. But, you need to login to your product page before using the Asus router. 

After purchasing a router, you need to set up the device and configure it as per your requirements. This is essential to make sure that your router starts functioning normally. Now, for setting up your Asus router, you must log in to your router’s GUI or the setup page. 

However, for many reasons, you may experience certain issues with the sign-in process. In this article, we will provide you with the solutions if you can’t login to Asus router. Using the fixes discussed here, hopefully, you can access your router account and configure or modify the network settings. 

What Can Stop You From Logging Into Your Router?

Finding out the reasons will help to resolve the issues that are preventing from logging in to Asus router. Let’s see the causes of this issue:

  • Issues with the Internet connection can be a major reason that can prevent you from accessing your Asus router setup page.
  • If you have entered the default IP address of your router inappropriately, that might stop you from logging in.
  • Some problems related to the hardware or driver of the router can also be responsible for the login issue.

How To Login To Your Asus Router?

In this section, you can go through the steps that are necessary to login to your router normally:

Use an Ethernet cable to connect the LAN of your router to the LAN port of your computer or laptop.

Now open the web browser on your device. In the address bar, the one located on the topmost portion of the screen, type the default IP address of your Asus router. In case you are not aware of the default IP address, you can check the backside of your router.

After this, the login page of your router’s GUI will appear on the screen. You will need the username and password to log in. So, check the back of your Asus router machine to find the credentials. The default username and password for the Asus router is usually ‘admin’.

Now that you have entered the login information properly, the setup page or the configuration page will appear.

What To Do If You Can’t Login To Asus Router?

Sometimes, you might face problems while logging into your Asus router. This is a frequently occurring issue but, it can be solved easily through some simple hacks. So, if you don’t know how to login to Asus router, consider the solutions listed below:

Solution 1- Check the Internet connection

The first thing that you should try is to check the Internet connection. Make sure that the cables and power cords connecting the router, the modem and your device are attached properly. Any loose connection between them can cause the log in issue.

Solution 2- Reset Your Asus router

This is probably the most effective step that you can follow to get rid of the login error on your Asus router. You can reset the router by following these instructions mentioned below:

  1. Press and hold the Reset button on your Asus router and hold it for about five seconds.
  2. The Power light will begin to flash now. While the Power button keeps flashing, release the Reset button.
  3. When the Power light stops flashing and stands still, it is an indication that the reset process is complete.
  4. Once the reset is complete, try logging into your router again.

Solution 3- Update Firmware of Your Asus router

Firmware is an essential component of your router. It is essential to update the firmware from time to time to ensure the smooth functioning of the device. However, you can face login issues with the router if the firmware is outdated. Here’s what you need to do for updating the firmware of your Asus router :

Open the web browser on your device. Visit the official website of Asus.

Search for the model number of your Asus router and check if any recent updates are available for the firmware.

Download the updated version and install it by following on-screen instructions. Finally, restart the router and check if you can log in to the setup page.

So, the login issues with routers is not an uncommon problem. If you can’t login to Asus router, you can follow the solutions that we have provided in this article. These solutions are easy to understand and have been proven to access the setup page. 

We hope it will help you to resolve the sign-in issues on your router account. You can share your feedback on the solution in the comment section.