[Solved] Android Error Code 940| Easy Troubleshooting Steps

Are you encountering Android error code 940 while downloading and installing any application via Google Play Store? No need to worry. This is a very popular technical glitch that most of the users have reported about.

The issue generally occurs when the Play Store fails to download an application or game from the Google Play Store.

Millions of users are continuously dealing with this problem and unfortunately, if you are one of them, then this passage will surely help you out. 

In this content, you will learn some easy and effective solutions that you can apply to eradicate this error.

What Causes Android Error Code 940?

Before jumping to the solution part, it is important to be aware of the possible causes behind the occurrence of this technical bug. 

Based on the customer’s feedback, we have prepared a list of probable causes which lead to this issue. So, check them out.

  • In case, your Android device is affected by any virus or malware.
  • Sometimes, if you pause the downloading procedure for a long time.
  • If you have not updated the Google Play Store for a long time, then also it can lead to this problem.

Now, after knowing the root causes, you just need proactive solutions to resolve Android error code 940.

Exceptional Solutions to Fix Android Error Code 940:

There are a lot of ways by which you can remove this error code. But before that, check the mobile data connection or Wi-Fi network. 

If you have a bad internet connection, then this might prevent the application to download.

However, if you have a good internet connection and still the error code persists on the screen, then move to further solutions.

Solution 1- Reboot your System

Sometimes, after restarting your device, the issue can be easily resolved. Hence, we suggest you restart your Android device. To do so, have a glance at the below steps.

Step 1

At first, you need to unlock your Android device. After that, press the Power button and hold it for a minute. It will open the Menu list.

Step 2

Once you see the full Menu list, then drop down and click on the Power Off option. Once your device is successfully turned off, then wait for 3 to 4 minutes.

Thereafter, again press the Power button to turn on your device. Thereafter, try to complete the pending download application.

If you successfully do so, then your job is over, otherwise, proceed to the next solution.

Solution 2- Clean the App Data

If the above solution is not workable for you, then you can follow this solution to fix the problem.

Many users are dealing with the same issue and after cleaning the app data, they quickly get rid of it. To implement this solution, follow the given directions.

Step 1

At first, navigate to the Settings application on your Android device. After that, move to the Application Manager section.

Step 2

In case, you are unable to see the Application Manager option, then you can find it under the Application part.

After that, lots of options will appear on the screen. Select them all. 

Step 3

At the next step, you have to search for the Google Play Store option. Once you found, then tap on it.

Furthermore, click the Clear Cache button.

Step 4

Then, back to the previous screen and tap on the Download Manager option. Finally, click on the Clear Data option. 

After clearing the app data, you need to check if the Android error code 940 is eradicated or not.

However, if you are still unable to fix the issue, then here is another solution that you can try to wipe out the error.

Solution 3- Perform a Factory Reset

So, are you still dealing with the Android error code 940? Don’t worry, here is another quick solution for you. We suggest you perform a factory reset. 

If you don’t know how to do it, then here is the complete procedure.

How to Perform a Factory Reset?

Firstly, go to the Home Screen of your device and click on the Start icon. Now, type ‘settings’ in the search field and press the Enter key.

It will open the Settings application. After that, move to the Personal section. Thereafter, click on the Backup & Reset button.

In addition, you should click on the Factory Data Option. Furthermore, click on the Erase Everything button.

Finally, reboot your Android device to save the changes.

Solution 4- Uninstall Google Play Store Updates

This is another solution that you can try to fix the issue. In order to apply this solution, go through the given below instructions.

Step 1

First, go to the Settings app. After that, navigate to the Device section and click on the Apps.

Step 2

The next thing that you have to do is to select the Google Play Store option. Furthermore, select the More button.

Step 3

Finally, click on the Uninstall Update option and then tap on the Ok button. 

After that, you should try to download the application from the Google Play Store. But if you can not, then you might need to remove the Google Account. 

Solution 5- Delete the Google Account

You can fix the problem by removing the Google account. To delete the account, in the beginning, you have to move to the Settings application.

After that, select the Account option. Now, on the next window, you should tap on the Google option.

Then, a new page will show on the display. Under this part, you need to move to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the More button.

Next, click on the Remove Account button. Further, you need to click on the Yes button to confirm the changes.

Then, reboot your system and we hope now you can successfully complete the pending download.

Parting Words

We hope that after attempting the given resolving techniques, you can remove this Android error code 940 on your own. However, if you still have doubts regarding this passage, then drop a comment in the comment section.