How to Fix Acer Tablet Won’t Turn On? Apply 4 Top Tricks

What do you do if your Acer tablet won’t turn on? Imagine a situation where you are watching Netflix on your Acer tablet and suddenly your tablet turns off and won’t turn on again. Have you ever faced such an issue? 

This is a common issue that most of our users encounter in Acer tablet. This issue can be caused due to a number of reasons. Battery issue or display issue can be the effective cause of the error.

Until you identify the exact cause, you can not fix this issue appropriately. So, if you are encountering the same then this article is your ultimate rescue.

Before jumping into the solution, let’s take a look at the causes. 

Why Your Acer Tablet Won’t Turn On?

Wondering why is your tablet not turning on? Do not worry. Know the causes at first and then apply the solutions to make your tablet turn on again. Your Acer tablet will not turn on for the probable reasons-

  • If your battery is not attached to your tablet correctly then probably you might face this issue.
  • So, if you do not charge your tablet properly then this issue will occur.
  • Using a dead battery can be another reason that your Acer tablet won’t turn on.
  • If the power button is broken, then this issue can also pop up.
  • Bad or broken display could be one of the reasons for causing this issue.
  • If the condition of your logic board is bad then you might encounter this issue.

All these issues can be solved if you follow some simple and quick methods which are discussed below.

How to Fix Turn On Issue On Acer Tablet?

Whenever you see your tablet is not turning on, try to know the causes first. Because when you know the reason for the problem, fixing it is not rocket science. Here are some quick tricks that you can try out to eliminate the error instantly. 

Method 1: Replace Your Battery

If you recognize that your Acer tablet won’t turn on because of the dead battery then it is better to replace your battery at the earliest. To do so, you would require a screwdriver and a fine metal spudger so that the battery can be removed easily. Now, follow the below steps-

  • Make sure before you start removing your battery, you power off your tablet.
  • First, open media port cover which is at the top of the tablet.
  • Now with the help of the Phillips #00 screwdriver remove the screws.
  • Take the metal spudger and securely remove the back cover.
  • Once you are done, remove the small section of grey tape.
  • Unplug the connection cord from the motherboard and drag the blue taps and move the battery aside.
  • If you are unable to remove the battery then slowly break the glue bonds underneath the battery with a plastic spudger and then remove the battery. Make sure you do not damage or bend the battery

Method 2: Reset the Internal Battery

A Proper charge is essential to run normal operations of your tablet. Sometimes your Acer laptop will not turn on due to low charge. In this case, you have to recharge your laptop to fix this issue effectively.

  • Use the adapter that has been provided with the tablet and plug in the tablet to a wall outlet. Do not use any USB port.
  • Let it charge for 15 minutes.
  • Unplug the power adapter and press the power button for 15-20 seconds and reconnect to the power to turn it on back.
  • Insert a paperclip in the battery reset pinhole on the bottom of your tablet and hold the button for 5 seconds.
  • After attempting the reset check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Method 3: Replace the Broken Power Switch

If you see the power switch of the tablet is broken then Acer tablet won’t turn on. In this case, check whether the power button is in a proper place or not. Then, check all the wiring and connections. If there is any wire-cut issue or button is missing then you need to replace the power switch. So, if you are not aware how to replace the power switch then check out the steps-

Back Case

  • Use a spudger and slowly separate one corner of the case.
  • By doing so gently open the back case completely.


  • Use a  Phillips #1 screwdriver and remove the four screws and connector cable that hold in the two speakers.
  • Now with the help of a spudger remove the top speaker that is placed under the motherboard.


  • Use the Phillips #00 screwdriver to remove the screws.
  • Disconnect the battery from the motherboard with the edge of the spudger.

Power Button

  • Once you are done remove the screws with Phillips#1 screwdriver near the edges of the tablet and lift up on the black flaps and release them.
  • Pull the connector off and cut off the indicated cables.
  • Then, remove the last motherboard screw under the rightmost cable.
  • Next, disconnect the gold connectors and detach the cable by lifting up on the black flap.
  • After disconnecting all the cables, lift out the motherboard.
  • Now, you can put in a new power switch.

Method 4: Check Your Display and Logic Board 

If your battery is fine then there could be an issue with your display or logic board. Check all the connections and wires. So, if you find any fault then you might have to change your display or logic board to fix this problem.

Overall View…

Here, we have tried to highlight all the possible issues and their solutions for your Acer laptop won’t turn on problem. Try out all the steps carefully to solve this issue. In case you find any difficulties then, feel free to share your queries and feedback with us. We will try our level best to fix your issues.