Acer Monitor No Sound: How to Fix

Such situations are not uncommon when you connect an Acer monitor to your desktop with an HDMI cable but there’s no sound on the monitor. However, you don’t need to worry as you are not the only one to face this particular problem. We are getting many complaints regarding this issue. 

Hence, we have come up with this article. Here, we will provide you with some simple and effective solutions to help you fix this issue. 

Solutions to Fix No Sound on Acer Monitor 

Below, we have provided some fixes following which you can resolve this particular issue you are facing with your Acer monitor. 

Solution 1: Check All the Hardware Devices 

Damaged hardware devices can sometimes cause the audio to not work on your Acer monitor. Check all the hardware before moving onto other solutions. 

  • Check the cables. If they are broken or damaged, then they will not work properly. If you find any of the cables damaged, change them and check if the problem persists.
  • The output port can be the cause of the issue. Opt for different HDMI output ports and check if the port is the root cause of the issue.  
  • The monitor might be muted or the volume might be down. So, check the monitor for such obvious causes and resolve them.

Solution 2: Make the HDMI Device the Default Device

Make the HDMI device your default device. Otherwise, there’ll be no sound. Follow the steps below to do that.

  • Move to the extreme right bottom corner of the screen and you will see the volume icon, click on it, you will see a box popping up.
  • Click Playback devices.
  • In the Playback tab, choose Digital Output Device or HDMI option. Select Set default
  • Click Ok.  
  • HDMI will be set as the default output. 
  • If the Digital Output Device or HDMI option does not show in the playback tab, right-click on the blank space, click Show disconnected devices and Show Disabled Services on the context menu. Set it as default manually. 

Solution 3: Update the Sound Driver

Corrupted audio drivers might also lead to the issue. Updating the sound driver might help you in getting rid of the issue. 

For Windows XP:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > double click “System”.
  2. System > Hardware > Sound, video, game controller.
  3. Double Click “sound card” > driver tab > update driver

Check the sound system after the update is complete.

For Windows Vista:

  1. Move to start > control panel > double click on “System”.
  2. Navigate to Sound, Video, and Game Controllers > click on Hardware.
  3. Select Device Manager and once the device manager loads, click Sound, Video and  Game Controllers

The device menu might ask for your password. You need to enter your administrator password. 

 For accessing the sound card in a different way:

  1. Click on start icon > move to control panel > click Hardware and Sound.
  2. Find Device and Printer (in the device and printer section) > click Device Manager(under Device and Printer). 
  3. Open Sound, Video, and Game controller > Sound card > right click on sound driver and select Update Driver Software. 

Wrapping up  

The Acer monitor sometimes might face this issue of no sound due to many reasons. However, the solutions we have provided here will hopefully help you resolve this issue quickly and completely.