How to Fix Acer Laptop Camera Not Working Issue? (Guidelines)

In order to communicate with your loved ones via Skype, video recorders, a laptop camera is utmost essential. That is why developers are trying to design a laptop camera with the latest technology and advanced features.

Acer laptops are popular worldwide. In every Acer laptop, there is an in-built camera which is known as Acer Crystal Eye Webcam. Through this camera, you can easily video chat with instant messenger programs and perform online streaming effectively

Despite its amazing benefits we often get complaints from our users that their Acer laptop camera not working correctly.  So, if you are also facing this error and trying to figure out how you can fix your laptop’s camera then go through this article thoroughly.

What Causes Acer Laptop Camera Not Working Error?

Due to various reasons, you can notice laptop web camera not working error. Here, we will try to cover up all the probable reasons behind this issue so that it will be easier for you to get a proven solution.

This error can occur if the drivers of your device does not support your webcam camera. Moreover, if you do an anniversary update for your Windows 10, then you can see your Acer laptop not working. Basically this error occurs due to the conflicts of the faulty drivers as well.

This is a common issue that often triggers up in every laptop including Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus or Acer. In this article, we will explain this problem in Acer laptop. So, if you are using an Acer laptop then this article will help you to fix the issue.

Quick Fix Solutions If Acer Laptop Web Camera Not Working:

If you have understood the reasons for occurrence this error, then you can apply the below-mentioned methods where it is required to.

If Web Camera Will Not Work On Skype:

If you see your Webcam is working on other apps but not working on skype then maybe the webcam of your device is not supporting with the version of your skype. In this case, uninstall and then reinstall your webcam drivers. To do so,

  • First, press Windows key +R from your keyboard and get a Run window box.
  • Now, type devmgmt.msc and press the Enter option.
  • Once you see Device manager page, expand the Imaging Devices section.
  • Then, right-click on webcam drivers and click on Uninstall device
  • If you see a warning page then click on Yes or Uninstall option and remove the drivers.
  • Then, reboot your system and let the windows reinstall the drivers automatically and check whether your skype is working or not.

After Windows 10 Anniversary Update if Webcam Not Working 

When you do an anniversary update in windows 10 it adversely affects the performance of the in-built and external webcams. Most of the cases, the webcams stops performing. So you need to activate your webcam by changing the registry keys or you can get back to the previous build. 

To change the registry keys follow the steps:

  • Make sure that your system is a 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • Hold the Windows key and Press letter E from your keyboard.
  • Check the left pane and Right-click on This PC option and then click on Properties.
  • Check the System type field and note it down.

Method 1: If You are Using 32 or 64 bit System:

  • Press and hold Windows key and letter R together.
  • Type in the run box regedit and click on OK option.
  • Right-click on Platform subfolder from the right pane and select New then DWORD (32-bit) value.
  • Give the name of the value EnableFrameServerMode. Double-click on it and set the value 0

For a 64 bit system, you have to follow the same procedure.

Method 2: Get Back the Previous Build

To do this method, go through the following steps:

  • Holding the Shift key and first click the power icon and then click on Restart option.
  • Once it is in Advanced Mode, select Troubleshoot and then choose Advanced options then select Go back to the previous build.
  • After that choose your User Account and enter your password and click on Continue button.
  • Finally, click on Go back to previous build option once again.

Use your Keyboard and Enable your Camera

It is observed that simply by pressing some function key, many of the issues have been resolved. This usages of this function keys are really useful. Therefore, you can try out various combinations of this function keys and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

First try Fn+F6 or Fn +F9 or press F8 or F10. But remember that to work this method all these keys have a camera icon. If these keys do not have any camera icon then get this icon and then use the combination.

Upgrade Outdated Webcam Application

Using outdated webcam application can be the cause of this issue. So, if you update the other drivers of your system but use the old webcam then there could be a conflict between your old webcam and updated drivers and may cause this error. So, to avoid such situation you must update your webcam. In two ways you can update your webcam- Manually and Automatically.

Manual Update

Before you start the update process make sure you know the model number and operating system of your PC. So, if you are using Windows 10 and do not get its latest webcam version then download the driver of Windows 7 or 8 as it will support Window 10.

  • First, go to your manufacturer’s website and find out the latest version of Window 10.
  • Double click .exe file and download and install the driver by following the online instructions.
  • If your webcam is still not working then install the driver again in Windows 7 compatibility mode by following these steps.

Navigate to the webcam software program and find out .exe file of Windows 7> Right-click on the file and choose Properties> Select Windows 7 compatibility mode > Apply>OK> Reinstall the driver> check your webcam is working or not.

Automatic Update

If you are running out of time or do not want to take risks to download and install any wrong version then go for automatic update. There are several tools available in free or Pro versions that you can easily install. You just need to run a scan and these tools will identify your system and find out the compatible drivers for it.

Reset Webcam Connection

If somehow your laptop falls down or it gets any mechanical push then the connection of your in-built webcam might lose. So, if the connector is not properly attached then also your webcam will not work. In this case, you have to unplug your webcam connector and reconnect it again.

Final Thoughts…

Hopefully, all the steps that are mentioned here will  surely help to fix your Acer laptop camera not working issue. In any case, these steps are unable to solve this problem then you must try the Reimage repair tool. 

This is a PC repair tool that scans and diagnoses your system and recognizes the causes of the abnormal activities of your device. Moreover, you can easily download this file from online and try to resolve this issue.