Quick-Fix Acer Keyboard Not Working Issue

Sometimes, it might happen that you have closed the lid of your Acer laptop and when reopened it, find that the keyboard is not responding. It generally happens when the device went on sleep mode. 

Keyboards are generally attached to the laptops, but if you are using a desktop, then the case is different. 

Basically, the Acer keyboard not working problem occurs due to hardware problems or driver software problems. Let’s see how we can solve the not working issue of Acer keyboard.

Troubleshoot Acer Laptop Keys Not Working Issue Easily:

Here we have discussed all the possible reasons to resolve this annoying problem. Hope you can fix this problem with help from this article.

Just you need to follow the steps carefully and apply them as per instructed.

Fix 1: Checking USB Ports

This fix applies when you are using a desktop or a detachable keyboard with your laptop. You need to check if the USB port is Ok or not. 

You may connect the wire of your keyboard by using another USB port. But if your Acer laptop keys are not working, then we have different solutions for you. 

Fix 2: Restart your Acer Laptop

You can perform a restart operation to get the keyboard working again. The keyboard might get freeze for sometimes. Restarting will initiate all the hardware to start working again in harmony. 

  1. Go to the Start.
  2. Then Power.
  3. Lastly, Restart.

Your Acer laptop will restart automatically. Check if the Acer keyboard not working issue vanishes.

Fix 3: Remove the Battery

If restarting hasn’t helped you, then you need to remove the battery from your Acer laptop. This is very easy-to-do, so just go through the cited below steps.

  1. Shut your Acer laptop down and allow some time to cool it.
  2. You have to unplug the power source too.
  3. Then flip your laptop.
  4. Find the battery notch and slide it to release the battery.
  5. You may rub the battery with your hands gently. This would help in the refresh.
  6. Put the battery in your Acer laptop.

Now, you need to turn it on to see if there is any difference in the working of the keyboard.

Fix 4: Adjusting the Settings

Windows have a special feature called Filter keys. If this feature turns on accidentally, then it can cause keyboard disputes. We need to make sure that this feature is not enabled. 

  1. Go to the Settings of your laptop or desktop.
  2. Choose Ease of Access.
  3. Click on the Keyboard option.
  4. Make sure that Filter keys are off.

Try typing something again. If the problem is not solved yet, then we have more remedies for you.

Fix 5: Reinstall the Keyboard Drivers

You can go for the reinstallation of keyboard drivers on your Acer system. This would help in reviving your keyboard once again.

  1. Open Device Manager.
  2. You can find the Keyboard. Expand it.
  3. Basically, it is a PS/2 keyboard.
  4. Right-click on it.
  5. Go for Uninstall.
  6. Again, install it in the same way.
  7. After installing, right-click on the Keyboard to find Scan for hardware changes.

Moreover, now you can check if the issue gets resolved or not.

Fix 6: Installing Latest Software

If you haven’t found the one for you, then this step is a kind of savior for you.

  1. You have to search for the latest software for the keyboard mechanism.
  2. You can get it from the official website of your keyboard manufacturer.
  3. Try installing the keyboard software.

If all the keyboard fixation didn’t work for your Acer device, then you need the help of a technician as soon as possible. 

You can also take care of your keyboard and save it from not working mode. Make sure that your keyboard is not dirty and dust-free. Keep cleaning your keyboard with a gentle brush often so that your keyboard experiences a longer life and you get a hassle-free keyboard.