Factory Reset Dell Laptop Windows 10 From Boot [Compact Guide]

There are various cases when a computer system can become slow due to unknown reasons. Thus, Dell laptops are no exception. It can either become infected with malware or its system files may have been corrupted. As a result, it makes the computer unusable and a clean reinstallation may be your only option. However, before you do that, you can try to factory reset your Dell laptop for fixing windows 10 straight from boot.

Steps to Factory Reset Laptop with Windows 10 From Boot

Here, we have provided two alternatives to fix your Dell laptop’s problems. Thus, try them one by one until you find that it has gone back to normal. 

Alternative Fix: Perform a System Restore 

A system restore is a useful tool that can potentially undo any changes to your system settings and files by reverting it to an earlier state. It can help to fix most of the issues faced by various users. Therefore, you can follow the given steps below to try it as well. 

Step 1:

To perform a system restore from boot, you can do it with or without a Windows Installation Media. For the most part, it depends on your laptop’s current state. However, it is better to do it with the help of Windows Installation Media.

If you do not have one, then you need to create one by downloading it from Microsoft’s official website. Copy the downloaded file onto an empty USB drive or DVD.    

Step 2:

Next, insert the Windows Installation Media into your device and restart your system. When the Dell logo appears on your screen, repeatedly press the F11 key to open the Troubleshoot menu. 

Step 3:

Here, go to Advanced Options and select System Restore. Now, follow the on-screen instructions. Thereafter, choose a restoration point from the list and carry on with the restoration process. 

After the process is completed, restart your system and check if it has fixed your Dell laptop or not. 

Factory Reset your PC 

In case, there was no recovery partition or if the system restore did not fix your Dell laptop, then you can factory reset your PC. To do this, follow the steps provided below. 

Step 1:

Restart your system and repeatedly press the F11 button to open the System Recovery menu. Here, head over to Troubleshoot and select Reset This PC. 

Step 2:

Next, you will be presented with a range of options. You can either choose to completely erase everything or keep your files and settings. Thus, choose the option as needed by you. 

Step 3:

After choosing your preferred option, click Reset to begin the operation. Now, your Dell laptop will be reset back to its default settings. As a result, all your applications and files may be deleted depending on the option that you chose earlier. 

Thus, you can now check whether performing a factory reset on your dell laptop helped to fix your problem or not. In case it doesn’t, you can try to Reinstall Windows from the same menu. 


To summarize, the above steps should help you to successfully factory reset your Dell laptop. Generally, resetting your laptop should fix all issues. In case you’re still experiencing problems, then you need to reinstall Windows 10 as a good measure. Alternatively, you can seek professional help from the technicians to have your issues resolved by them.