Can’t Sign Into Outlook: Contact Experts For Quick Solution

Outlook which is one of the fastest mailing services across the globe. The Outlook provides not only the mailing service but it has a task manager and web browsing facility. Though it has worldwide customers, still the software faces some technical glitches. Sometimes, users can’t sign into Outlook. If you are facing the same issue, go through the article. You will find the solutions here. Alternatively, to save the time and avoid the complication, you can call our technicians of Outlook support team who will fix the issue in an instant.

Why You Can’t Sign Into Outlook?

If you forget the username or the password, then you may face this problem. Again, anti-malware or poor internet connection can prevent the Outlook to run. If you are traveling or using a new device, then also the sign in issue can happen. Similarly, turning on the two-step verification can show you the same result.

How To Fix Outlook Can’t Sign In Issue

When you know the reasons for the problem, you may want to solve it. Here you can have some solutions, with which you can fix the problem on your own. Try them step by step, you will find the perfect one for you.

Method 1: Check The Antivirus:

First of all, if you are using an antivirus, then check if the settings of it are correct or not. Some antiviruses use to block the Outlook. Change the Settings so that the Outlook is not stuck. If it is preventing the mailing service continuously, disable the antivirus and restart the system to get a better result.

Method 2: Clear The Browser Cache And The Cookies

Sometimes, large cache memory or cookies can cause the sign in error. It is better to remove them all to have a better browsing performance. To delete the cache and the cookies, open the browser and go to the settings. Then, locate the advanced option and select the option Clear Browsing Data. Now, adjust the time range settings to ‘All Time’ and clear the data. After completing the step, check if you can sign in your Outlook account or not.

Method 3: Check If The Server Of The Microsoft Is Down Or Not

Similarly, if the server is down, then you can’t sign into Outlook account. In this case, you can not do anything except waiting. You need to check the status of the Microsoft server. If you find it is down, then wait until it works.

Method 4: Update The Browser

Alternatively, updating the browser can resolve the issue when you can’t sign into Outlook. To upgrade the browser, open it and move to the Menu. Now, select the help option from here and navigate to the through Google Chrome. As a result, a new tab will open and it will check for updates. If you get an update, download it to resolve the issue.

Method 5: Reinstall The Browser

If the problem still occurs, you can reinstall the browser to erase the error. Reinstalling can solve many errors of an application. At first, uninstall the browser from the Control Panel. Now, install it again from the official website. You may find the issue disappears. If not, then you can try a different browser to sign in.

Contact The Technicians For Immediate Assistance

If you are unable to understand any method, you can call Microsoft Tech Support Number  +1-855-334-7340  to eradicate your worries. Apart from these, if the problem persists, then you need the help of expert technicians of our team. Our technicians can give you useful suggestions. At the same time, they can support you manually. You can call us, email at  [email protected] as well as have a chat session with us. Our executives are available 24×7 at your assistance.