Learn How To Configure Asus Router AP Isolation

The Access Protocol or AP isolation is a method that does not allow other devices to communicate with your private network. When you activate the AP isolation feature on the device, not a single person can connect to it. Hence, their devices won’t connect to your wireless network unless they seek permission. 

The AP isolation has various names like client isolation, guest mode, and WAN partition.

To activate the Asus router AP isolation feature, all you have to do is to read this article thoroughly. Then follow the steps given in the next section to configure the router accordingly.

How to do Asus Router AP Isolation?

In this section, the procedure of activating the AP isolation feature on the Asus router will be discussed. 

  • Initially, inspect the ‘Advanced Settings’ of the Asus router. After that, check the ‘Power Mode’ of the device as well.
  • If the network speed and the range of your router are not enough, it will be difficult to activate the AP isolation feature. Thus, to fix this problem, follow the substeps below.
    • At first, switch off any proxy server or the Virtual Private Network that is currently active.
    • Now, inspect the access point isolation. If it is active but, not working, you have to disable it. This action will restrict the wireless connectivity of your Asus router.
    • After that, enable the AP isolation feature. Then, to use the hidden wireless network, hit the ‘Other’ option.
    • Next, follow the setup procedure and within the correct field, enter both the username and password.
    • At this time, check the firmware version of the router and make sure it is current. If the firmware is not up to date, it will create a problem when a new connection is set up.
  • If you are encountering interference from another router, then you will have to inspect the settings of your router.

At last, switch off the ‘Auto Selection’ mode of the channels. Then, see whether the AP isolation feature is working or not.

To Conclude

In order to know the process of activating the AP isolation feature on the Asus router, you need to follow every step discussed in this article. If you are not a tech-savvy person, then just cite the problems in the comment section below. We will try to resolve your queries as soon as possible.