Asus Laptop Won’t Boot | Get Quick And Easy Fixes

Laptop failing to boot is not at all a new issue. A number of factors are responsible that can restrict the system from booting normally. For instance, if the installation update fails, abrupt hardware issues or complete system failure.

Besides this, there are several other causes that can lead to a booting issue. The most prominent among these is the BIOS. It can restrict the computer startup process. You might note that you are unable to exit from the BIOS window and thus the computer will work no more.

Whatever be the reason, if you note that the Asus laptop won’t boot then it is indeed an annoying situation. Thus, we are here to help you with potential solutions that can fix such problems.

Resolve “Asus Laptop Won’t Boot Past Asus Screen” Problem

Here, we have discussed all the possible solutions which are sufficient enough to fix this issue permanently.

Fix 1: Take Out the Battery and Restart the Laptop

The battery is often considered as the major reason that can halt the booting process. So, simply turn off the system and take out the battery from the laptop.

Wait for a few seconds and insert the battery again. Now, press the Power button to turn on the laptop. Lastly, check whether the problem gets resolved or not.

Fix 2: Change the BIOS Settings

Sometimes, users reported that their Asus laptop won’t turn On but lights are On, then the problem is most likely due to the improper BIOS settings. To change the BIOS settings, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, enter into the BIOS option and move to the Security section. Now, turn off the Secure Boot by switching the toggle switch.
  • After that, save the changes and reboot your device. Next, enter the BIOS and then move to the Boot section.
  • Thereafter, turn off the Fastboot menu and turn On the CSM (Compatibility Support Module). Press the OK button to save the changes and finally restart the laptop.

After completing the process, your computer will boot without any subsequent glitch.


Often, simply by removing the external peripherals such as USB or pen drive can be your best alternative. Furthermore, we hope, this article is beneficial enough and helps to resolve the Asus laptop won’t boot issue. Moreover, feel free to leave a comment in the feedback section and let us know which solution helped you.