AOL Mail Sign Up Process- A Quick Guide

AOL mail is one of the most preferred choices for both personal and professional needs. It helps you to achieve personalized mail experience. Not only it helps you to connect with people around the world but it also helps you to get the latest news updates.

But to use all the features you need to have an AOL mail account. So, if you are not much acquainted with the steps then we can help you through. Here we will be discussing the exact procedure required for the AOL mail sign up process. 

How to Create AOL Account?

AOL mail helps to provide a customized experience for its users. You can easily create an AOL account by following these easy steps given below. 

  1. Open a browser and visit the official homepage of AOL. Here, you have to select Login/Join from the left menu pane. 
  2. Subsequently, click on Create Account. This will help you to sign up for AOL mail. 
  3. Next, enter the relevant details in the particular fields. It will ask for your name, birthdate and contact number. 
  4. It is important to note that entering your contact number is mandatory. This is done to prevent users from making spam emails. 
  5. Afterward, choose an attractive but useful email ID for your email. Make sure that it is unique and relevant for your purpose. 
  6. Next, enter a password of your choice. Make sure to type a strong password. You can head over to the next section for relevant ideas. 
  7. Finally, click Continue and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Additionally, it may ask to set up a recovery email or provide you other recovery options. This is done to help you to get access to your account in the future. As a result, providing a security question is necessary in case you forget your password. 

How to Manage your AOL Account?

There are a few points to consider after you have created an AOL account. Accordingly, you can follow the given instructions for all your online accounts.


  • Add a Two-Step verification – A two-step or two-factor verification helps to strengthen your account’s security. 
  • Change Passwords Frequently – This will help you in securing your account in case your previous password was caught on. 
  • Recovery Options – Choosing a recovery option helps to determine your account’s security. Therefore, it can be helpful in case you have forgotten your password. 

How to Create a Strong Password?

Passwords are used to prevent unauthorized access to various online accounts. Nowadays, more and more people are using Cloud services. 

Therefore, it is important to create a strong password to protect your sensitive files, documents, and information. Thus, you can create a strong password by following the points mentioned below. 

  • Make sure it is at least 10 characters long. 
  • Use both lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Replace characters with numbers. 
  • Using a special symbol helps to provide extra protection. 
  • Don’t save important passwords in browsers. 

How to Choose a good Email ID?

Incidentally, choosing a good email ID depends on what you’re creating it for. Here, we have provided tips for both personal and professional purposes. 

    • Personal Email ID – For personal emails, you can choose whatever you like. However, make sure that it is not linked to your professional accounts in any way.  
  • Professional Email ID – In comparison, a professional email ID is a very sensitive issue. It will be reflected on your resume, company profile and be used for professional reasons. As a result, you have to carefully use a creative email ID that will reflect you.


Now, you should be able to successfully create an AOL account. It is very important to follow the above steps in the subsequent sequence provided to make your account secure. Also, don’t hesitate to ask any queries or share any additional information in the comments section below.